Public Works Department

Section Engineer. Shri. D.A.Thakare is heading the Public Department Works. The PWD deals with the preparation of plans & estimates, and the execution of original / maintenance works, building applications, taking action against unauthorised constructions, encroachments. Following are the duties of Section Engineer.

1. Maintenance of C.F. Roads
2. Maintenance of C.F. Building
3. Preparation of estimates for various development work and supervision.
4. Maintaining of municipal function of the Board in Civil area, Bunglow area, and Socities.
5. Scrunity of Building Application.
6. Supervision of Electrical and Water Supply work accompanied by D' man.
7. Preparation of MRP of Tree Auction.
8. Attending Court cases as and when required.
9. Maintening repairs of permission in Civil area and Bunglow area.
10. NOC for sale of Plot/Agricultural land on Class B-2 land(Private Land) etc.

Shri. S.T. Nirwan D'man is also looking after the street lights and water supply. Following are the duties of D'man

1. Street Light maintenance work accompanied by one PWD Coolie.
2. Water Supply maintenance works accompanied by fitter, valveman and PWD Coolie
3. Dealing in case of unauthorized construction/encroachment and court cases.
4. Lease and mutation of property and maintenance of Land Record accompanied by Land Clerk and LDC.
5. Scrunity of Building Application accompanied by LDC.