The Cantonment Board Kamptee has its own independent water supply scheme for the Cantonment area through Kanhan water works. The scheme was prepared and executed by the Maharashtra water supply and sewerage Board which includes 90000 lacs litres capacity over head tank at New Godown area and water distribution pipeline. The scheme was commissioned on 10-01-1990. The source of water for Cantonment Board is from Kanhan water works under the management of Nagpur Municipal Coporation located at Kamptee Cantonment on GLR SY. No. 1. The Board is receiving water through 30 HP pumps(2 Nos) situated at Kanhan water works and maintained by Kanhan water works Kamptee. Cantonment Board is receivinf at present 900000 litres(approx) of water by daily pumping by Kanhan water works department. The water supplied to the residents of Kamptee Cantonment in which 06 Housing socities, residence of civil area, Bunglow area, chhoti ajni area, unthkhana area & other area and other area of Kamptee Cantonment during morining hours .