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Cantonment Board


The Sanitation section is headed by Shri. S.P. Gunarkar, the sanitary inspector. He is responsible for the overall sanitation of the cantonment like cleaning of public roads, drains, public toilets, lifting of garbage & for the execution of the military conservancy agreement with the Army. The sanitary section also maintains the births & deaths register and also the issuing of trade licenses.

1.  Sanitary Inspector(01)-   
2.  Conservancy Jamadar(04)-   
3.  Drivers(4)-   
4.  Safai Karmachari(51)-   
  A)  Sanctioned Post of Safai Karmachari  - 51 
  B)  Safai Karmachari detailed for Hospital  - 05(Out of 51 Post) 
  C)  Safai Karmachari detailed for School  - 01(Out of 51 Post) 


1. Tata Trucks 03   
2. Tractor 01(for Water Supply)   
  •     Three Trucks are being used for collection of Garbage from the Cantonment area and Unit areas as per schedule programme . 
  •     The working hours of Conservancy Section is from 06:30 AM to 02 PM. 
  •     There are 12 Nos. of Group Latrines in the Cantonment area for Males and Females. 
                    4 Group Latrines in the Gora Bazar area. 
                    1 Group Latrine in the Godam area. 
                    2 Group Latrine in the Camsary area. 
                    5 Group Latrine in the Bungalow area. 
  •     Cleaning of Group Latrine , Drains, road Sweeping and other Sanitation work is done between 06:30 AM to 11 AM. 
  •     Cleaning work in bulk is done between 11 AM to 2 PM in Bazar areas of Gora Bazar, Camsary Bazar, The Mall Road, Temple Road, Mahadeo Ghat Road, Bhajimandi and other connected Road maintained by the Cantonment Board,Kamptee. 
  •     Cleaning of Drains and Sweeping in the Societies areas is done in every 15 days. 
  •     Dust Bins  -  140 Nos. in Unit areas and 82 Nos. in Civil areas.

Military Conservancy Agreement

  •     The Board entered into an Agreement with the Station Commander and President, Cantonment Board, Kamptee for providing Conservancy Services to Troops for collection of Garbage only from the units. 
  •     Birth and Death Record is being maintained since 1934. 
  •     Every year approx. 300 Nos. Birth Certificates and 100 Nos. of Death Certificate are issued. 

Weekly Programme for Garbage Collection

                  I                  II                  III 
Day  Unit/Area   MH-31 7065  Unit/Area   MH-31 7317  Unit/Area   MH-31 7318 
Monday  GRC, Supply Depot,The Mall Road,Map Quarters.  IML Unit, MES Colony,Kamptee Club  Gora Bazar,Gadam area  
Tuesday  NCC OTA, APS,MH and MDC, JCO quarters  Missile Family Quarters, Missile Group  S M Line,Argum Line,Camsary Bazar 
Wednesday  GRC,Supply Depot,The Mall Road,Map Quarters  IML Unit,414 ASC,SF Quarters,R-Line  The Mall Road 
Thrusday  NCC OTA, APS,MH and MDC, JCO quarters  Missile Family Quarters, Missile Group  S M Line,Argum Line,Camsary Bazar 
Friday  GRC,Supply Depot,The Mall Road,Map Quarters  Missile Family Quarters, Missile Group,SF Quarters,R-Line  Gora Bazar,area 
Saturday  The work which has not been get completed between Monday to Friday is being get done on Saturday. Also, Maintenance Vehicles is carried out.