ACT Eligibility Criteria 2022 – Know Who can apply for ACT Exam 2022

ACT Eligibility Criteria 2022 – ACT is an abbreviated form of American College testing and is a standard test required to get admission in most US universities. This test is one of the most important parameters which determines whether a student will get admission into US universities and colleges. This test is conducted to check the readiness of students in high school to get admission into Universities and colleges in the US. 

American College Testing (ACT) Eligibility 2022

When it comes to the eligibility criteria for ACT 2022, there are no hard rules. Any student who has completed his or her high school education can take the ACT to apply in the colleges and universities of the United States. There are no prerequisites for the ACT but in general, this exam is given by students who are 13+ years old and are in high school.

There is no upper age limit to appear for the exam, i.e; there is no age restriction for the ACT. If you want to apply for the American college testing ACT, then you must have an international credit or a debit card to be able to register for the exam.

You should also have a valid international passport which will serve as identification proof. Also, if you are wishing to apply for universities and colleges in the US, then you must be fluent in English because it is considered as one of the necessary requirements to appear for the ACT.

ACT Eligibility Criteria 2022-2023

  • Students who want to apply for ACT 2022 should be a minimum of 13 years old or have a master completed his or her high school education.
  • Though there is no age restriction for the test, candidates have to be eligible for the course-wise criteria. The course-wise criteria eligibility is different for every university and college in the US.
  • If a student wants to apply for the ACT exam 2022, then he or she must have a valid international passport to serve as identification proof.
  • Students must have an international debit card or a credit card to be able to register for the ACT
  • Students should take the exam approximately two months before the application date of their colleges or universities. Committee will take around 2 to 8 weeks to release the result of the exam.
  • If you are below the age of 13 and wish to apply for the ACT, then you can do so by opting for a paper-based exam

American College Testing (ACT) is administered by an organization called ACT Inc. The test is executed six times a year for international cities and seven times for national cities. According to surveys, millions of students take the ACT every year. The centers for the conduction of tests are schools, high schools, colleges, and universities.

ACT is accepted by every four-year college and university in the United States and also in 225+ universities and colleges outside the US. Many popular universities (mentioned below) have turned into test optional colleges, but they also encourage students to take the American College testing ACT.

  • The University of Massachusetts
  • Oregon State University
  • The University of Illinois
  • Auburn University
  • Washington State University
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology

But there are many colleges and universities which have confirmed ACT requirement to take admission in the year 2022, like

  • Florida State University
  • University of Central Florida
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • University of Florida
  • University of Georgia

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