CAT Percentile Predictor 2023 CAT percentile calculator for IIM, IMS MBA

CAT 2023 Percentile Predictor: CAT 2023 will be conducted by IIM Bangalore on November 26, 2023. Candidates must know how to calculate their scores on the basis of their CAT 2023 exam. CAT percentile is the minimum score required for various IIMs to shortlist candidates for Group Discussion and Personal Interview rounds of MBA colleges. 

In most cases, the CAT percentile is usually high (97-99) percentile. For other top colleges, the percentile varies from (95-99) percentile. However, many other IIMs and non-IIMs accept CAt scores ranging from 85 percentile and above. 

The CAT 2023 scorecard will help for admission into FMS Delhi, MDI, NITIE, and many others such as SP Jain. To understand how CAT 2023 percentile is calculated, candidates can use CAT 2023 score predictor and calculator. 

What is CAT 2023 Percentile Predictor?

CAT percentile predictor 2023 refers to an online tool created to help in assessing the candidate’s performance in the CAT 2023 exam. This predictor is of great help to the candidates as it provides them with anidea of the scores and the percentile that a candidate is likely to score during the examination. 

CAT percentile calculation is a centralized process that is done by the CAT 2023 exam centre instead of an individual IIM. The CAT percentile predictor consists of estimated CAT scores to predict the percentile. 

What is CAT Percentile?

Candidates who give the MBA entrance examination i.e. CAT get scores after giving the exam and on the basis of the score that they have scored the CAT center calculates a percentile for each and every student and the percentile of every student is taken out and on the basis of which IIMs take admissions.

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The percentile helps the IIMs release the CAT 2023 cut off list for admission into the respective IIM’S. CAT percentile is also a way of finding how well has the candidate done in the exam. For example, If a candidate has a score of 97 percent, it means that the candidate’s performance was better than 97 percent of the total CAT takers that year. 

How to Calculate the CAT Percentile?

The CAT score plays a vital role in a candidate’s selection to some of the top B- schools in the country and the candidates should be able to calculate the scores after the CAT 2023 answer key has been released. Given below are a few steps on how to calculate the CAT 2023 score: 

The formula to calculate sectional as well as the overall CAT percentile of each candidate is the same, which is mentioned below:

P = (R/N) × 100


  • P= Percentile score
  • R= Rank of the candidate assigned on the basis of scaled CAT score or the total number of candidates who rank below you.
  • N= Number of candidates who appeared in the CAT exam (all three sessions)

Suppose, 1,000 people take CAT and you bag the top rank, which means 999 candidates scored less than you. Then your percentile will be (999/1000)*100= 99.9.

Note- The candidates must note that to allot ranks a candidate’s score is rounded up to two decimal points. In case of two or more candidates obtain the same score, identical ranks are awarded to all of them. 

How to Convert CAT scores into CAT percentile?

To understand the process of converting the CAT 2023 score into percentile refer to the table given below:

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CAT Percentile  CAT VARC Score  CAT DILR Score  CAT QA Score CAT Overall Score
99.5 %ile 40 30 32 102
99 %ile 40 28 27 95
98 %ile 37 26 23 86
95%ile 23 21 28 72
90%ile 23 15 21 59
85%ile 23 10 19 52
80%ile 21 10 13 44

CAT Percentile Calculation: 3 Key Factors 

To calculate the CAT 2023 percentile there are a few factors that are instrumental in calculating the CAT 2023 percentile. The CAT 2023 percentile calculation method has been released by IIMs, much before the CAT exam date. CAT percentile is arrived at after converting your raw CAT score to a scaled score and then to the CAT percentile score. On the basis of a candidate’s scorecard, his percentile is calculated. The three key factors in calculating a candidates percentile are

  • Total number of candidates who have taken the CAT exam in all the slots;
  • Highest to Lowest scaled score;
  • Difficulty level in each test slot

CAT 2023 Percentile required by Top IIM’s and other B- School

Every single IIM has its own required percentile or CAT Cutoff marks for selecting students for the further selection process. On the basis of the percentile, each and every college admit candidates into the MBA course.

 Benefits of CAT Percentile Predictor

  • The CAT 2023 percentile predictor helps candidates assess their scores and find out their percentile and compare it on the basis of previous years scores to find out where do they stand in the CAT 2023 race. 
  • The percentile derived helps candidates the type of college that they will be getting. 
  • The percentile predictor will help candidates in keeping their other options open. Different B- schools have their own criteria and percentile and the candidates can refer to the percentile of other good colleges as well. 
  • The best time to use the percentile predictor is using it after the exams and this will also help candidates understand the competition in the CAT 2023 exam.
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FAQs Related to CAT 2023 Percentile Predictor

  1. What is the qualifying CAT cutoff?

    The qualifying CAT cutoff is the minimum percentile that a candidate needs to meet in order to be eligible for the WAT and PI rounds.

  2. When should I use CAT 2023 percentile predictor?

    It is advisable that candidates should  use the percentile predictor immediately after giving the exam or even after the answer key is out. Calculate your scores after checking the questions and then predict your CAT 2023 percentile. 

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