Halloween 2022 Date, History Important, Significance, Costume

Halloween 2022::It is the scariest day of the year. When people see carved pumpkins, lanterns, scary costumes, and trick-or-treating they think about Halloween.Now a day Halloween celebrations include parties and get-togethers with friends and family with kids to celebrate Halloween festival .This festival is secular it is not a religious festival. Halloween is celebrated on 31 October every year. It is celebrated between the 31october and 1 November when the ghost and spirit visit the earth for one day to keep away the bad spirit this Halloween used to celebrate. All Saints’ Day is a day just after Halloween.

What is the history of Halloween

Celts lived hundreds of years ago in Ireland, northern France and England and introduced this festival Halloween. It is also known as Samhain when summer ends on 31 October, and the New Year begins on 1st November.

Halloween 2022 Date, History Important, Significance, Costume

Halloween 2022

Halloween was celebrated after the summer ended and winter started. Nowadays people started celebrating it as the day of the dead. It is also believed that on this day ghosts, spirits and the dead can roam around. So people lit bonfires, they used to offer favourite food for their dead family members, they decorated their house with carved pumpkins, lanterns, scary costumes, and kids played trick-or-treating with candy that was given to them.

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Halloween Significance

Halloween is a secular festival which is celebrated on 31 October. In this festival people practice harmless activities such as they decorate their house with scary items such as skeleton, scary mask, jack-o’-lanterns (carved out scary faces on pumpkins)

They wear masks, costumes for Halloween parties. Kids used to play “trick and treat”. It is also associated with witches, vampires, black cats. People think that on this day the power of evil spirits increased so these tricks help them to take away the evil spirits. They also offer food to the Poor’s. This is the most awaited festival for children.

Halloween Symbol and Theme 2022

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You must have seen some jack-o-lanterns,ghost costumes and bats etc. all these related to Halloween . So what do they symbolize ?

● Jack-o’-lanterns

Jack-o’-lanterns is a carving of demonic faces from pumpkins that was started by Irish people when they came to the U.S.A.

● Trick or treat

It is a game which is used to play by kids during the Halloween festival. In this play kids used to go door to door and say trick or treat and people give them treats which used to be candy.

Halloween Custom Theme

Everyone wears a costume so that the soul doesn’t recognise anyone who wants to take revenge because on this day they got the last chance to take revenge.

● Bats

It is associated with the Samhian roots where people arrange bonfires and they offer food, this bonfires and food attract insects and bats. It is assumed that bats and insects resemble ghost, dead evil spirits who come to eat the feast. Witches

It is believed that witches celebrate this festival who try to speak with the cross world, the vial between the cross world and this living world became thin.

Black cat is also associated with the halloween where people think that Black cats are the pet witches who used it in witchcraft and they are witches servants or sometime witches disguise themselves as Black cat.

Importance of Halloween

  • Halloween parties are also important in terms of social bonding because in Halloween parties people get together to celebrate which helps them to strengthen the relationship.
  • Halloween festival is important economically because it increases the demand in the market companies used to sell the tons of candies in the Halloween festival. They purchase costumes not only for the children but also themselves to increase the business.
  • Halloween also helps to de-stress our mental health.
  • Halloween taught us how to make balance between the good and evil energies.
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Does Indian celebrate Halloween

In India, Halloween celebrations remain niche. Nevertheless, India has its own ways and days to remember its dead ancestors i called Pitar Paksh Is a holy month in Hindu religion where they offer prayers and food to their dead family members or ancestors they don’t represent dead people as ghosts Unlike the west people. Although some people celebrate Halloween to enjoy themselves

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